Psychological Evaluations

Court Ordered & Disability Psychological Evaluations


 Evaluations are conducted for:

  • Attorneys/insurance companies seeking a diagnosis and for possible functional impairment 
  • Independent Medical Examinations (IME)
  • Personal injury cases following an injury or accident
  • Screening for the presence/absence of specific diagnosis that could affect employment, as an entrance requirement for specific occupations such as police work (police academy candidates), church leadership positions, and security.

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations


Psychological evaluations offer insight as to the severity of a particular disturbance and of the capacity for adequate functioning. A comprehensive psychological evaluation for a child or adult is typically used  to confirm or modify the impressions formed by referring therapists through less structured interactions in therapy. Psychological assessments can identify needs in therapy, highlight issues that may come up in treatment, recommend particular forms of intervention, and offer guidance about potential outcomes of treatment.  


We accept credit cards, checks and cash

  • ACT 235 clinical risk assessment and report- $500-750
  • Court Ordered Evaluation- $175 per hour. Court testimony is $300 per hour.
  • IME- Independent Medical Exam & report- $1200-1800 ($175 per hour)
  • Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation- with report- $1300-1800
  • Personal Injury & Disability Evaluation and report- $1300-1800
  • Court testimony-$300 per hour 
  • Peer review and report of psychological assessment  done elsewhere-- $175 per hour
  • Suicide and Danger to others risk assessment-  $250 per hour
  • Some insurances will cover the cost of non-court ordered evaluations. Fees are  below the average range of similar services for the region ($250-300 per hour for report and $300-400 per hour for court appearances)

Need Psychological Evaluations in Wexford?

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List of Psychiatrists

 For issues requiring medication management, here is a list of psychiatrists:

  • Dr. Monti 412-963-7511 (Fox Chapel)
  • Dr. Lucot 724-776-3366 (Cranberry)
  • Dr. Mitzel 412-681-2211 (Pittsburgh)
  • ​Dr. Tripp 855-874-7763 (Pittsburgh)
  • Dr. Huang 878.332.4240 (Wexford) 
  • ​Dr. Jurczak 412-915-5188 (Ross)   ​

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