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Parent Effectiveness Coaching in Wexford

Effective discipline and communication strategies for raising responsible adults

Parenting can be a challenging experience, especially with a child or teen with anger management issues, tantrums, disruptive behaviors, severe noncompliance, school performance issues, or a generally negative attitude.

Using the latest research and programs, and over 40 years of experience coaching parents (plus raising my own children, who are now responsible and healthy adults), we will develop a practical, workable plan for managing misbehavior, problem solving and negotiating through deeply ingrained conflict, and giving you the parenting skills for teaching your child or teen to become a responsible adult.

Some  ineffective "strategies" you will unlearn: 

  • yelling to get things done
  • how to use bribery
  • ways to manipulate your kids to do what you want them to do
  • using empty threats
  • using "punishment" as a discipline tool
  • repeated arguments 
  • authoritarian techniques that only create resentment on both sides

Give us a call, or complete the form below to start a new path for effective parenting. Most families see results within 2-4 sessions through using our Parent Effectiveness Coaching model.

On occasion, Parent Effectiveness Coaching  can  be conducted via home visits in  Wexford, and the surrounding area.

What you will learn

 Effective strategies you will learn:

  • #1--how to stop arguing, begging, repeating yourself, and feeling defeated
  • Developing and using a behavior contract to manage misbehavior and teach specific skills
  • Teaching children to problem solve and use critical thinking skills
  • How to increase cooperative behavior from your child or children, and reduce arguments
  • Modeling responsibility and positive behaviors
  • How to use positive reinforcement and natural and logical consequences as a tool for teaching responsibility
  • Establishing structure and routine
  • Developing a unified parental front to increase responsible behavior

While there are many other skills that you will learn, one outcome of this approach is to reduce and even eliminate unnecessary and repetitive family squabbles, oppositional behavior, and family tension. The result will be a family environment that is based on more cooperative, loving, and responsible behavior on all sides.

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