Coparenting in Wexford

Every child has the right to maintain a stable, secure and safe relationship with both parents.

Angry people are rarely rational, wise or careful.  Loving your child is more important than disliking or being angry with your ex-partner. With this in mind, co-parenting takes two forms:

  • Creating a legal agreement that the courts will accept. The agreement specifies the arrangements developed within sessions.
  • Developing skills for being respectful and civil with each other. Developing the ability to problem solve and negotiate through conflict and differences.

The do's and don'ts of coparenting


 Coparenting sessions are very tightly managed to avoid or stop further fighting, game-playing, controlling and manipulative behaviors. In this way you will be best able to accomplish your goals. 

 Our method for coparenting is designed to help parents raise self-disciplined,  responsible, open minded, sensitive,  and communicative children  with  good problem solving skills,


10 do's and don'ts of coparenting, Pt.1

  1. Avoid putting your child or children in the middle
  2. Avoid forcing your children to choose sides
  3. Show respect to the other parent, whether deserved or not
  4. Detach from the conflict and each other to create the optimal environment for raising children
  5. Create limits that can be applied in both homes to foster consistency 


The do's and don'ts of coparenting, Pt.2

  1. Always remain open to the development of a healthy relationship with the ex-partner (after all, in the end it's about the child/children)
  2. Communicate honestly, openly and with an eye towards helping  your  child or children to also heal and develop rich relationships with both parents
  3. Put the past aside or at least learn to not let it rule the situation
  4. Coparent as a cooperative team with one goal--to work for the best interest of the child/children
  5. Help the child/children adjust to change in a healthy manner

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