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Our approach

Choosing the right therapist is better than choosing the right therapy

Finding the right therapist is like finding the right spouse--Will this therapist be right for me? Will I be understood, heard, and accepted?  Does he know how to tackle issues like mine? What type of therapist will best suit my style and needs? Many of these questions can be answered here.   

At times I'll be active and directive by challenging you to meet your goals: other times I'll be on the sidelines listening carefully, providing encouragement, support, and understanding. 

My hope is to be as human as possible-- approachable, friendly, open, understanding, occasionally witty, and emotionally accessible.

What we're good at

Therapy is a personal "revolution"

I absolutely believe that the purpose of therapy is to have a personal (marital/relationship or family) revolution— reversing many of the  the fears, anxieties, stalemates, and oppression from our present and  past, re-designing our future, and letting go of the situations outside of self that do not reflect who we are or desire to be.

Excellent therapy is like enrolling in a college course about you (and your relationships). If you're curious, teachable, motivated, and willing to do the work--it can be a powerful life changing experience. 

Specialty areas

  • Individual therapy-e.g., Anxiety, Depression, interpersonal and family problems, anger management, addictive behaviors, lack of assertiveness and low self esteem, and other conditions
  • Couples and marriage therapy-e.g., infidelity, loss of intimacy, unresolved conflict, power struggles, communication issues, incompatibility, anger issues, arguments over money or child-rearing, problems with in-laws 
  • Comprehensive and forensic psychological evaluations-e.g., court ordered, disability, IME, ACT 235, police, diagnostic, etc. 
  • Co-parenting and parallel parenting

Free phone consult

Call us- 412.853.2000

Don't just set up the 1st appointment and walk in--get to know who you are about to develop a deep, trusting, open and honest relationship with.  I always invite a phone conversation so that you can ask questions and get a better sense whether or not we will work well together. After all, it's the relationship with your therapists that makes all the difference!

Meet Dr. Saenz

My very human credentials

While it's easy to talk about one's professional background in clinical and forensic psychology, my real and most important credentials are those of being a Dad, Step-Dad and Husband. It is these "credentials" that make the greatest difference to me as a therapist and to my clients. 

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