Meet Dr. David Saenz

My very human credentials

I could bore you by bragging about all my training and experience in clinical and forensic psychology, but I'd rather say that I work my tail off for each person, couple and family who sits on the couch because I love my work and believe in the process. 

In reality my greatest credentials are my experiences as a Dad, Stepdad, and Husband. I'm married, and have a fantastic 31 year old son, an incredible 25 year old daughter, and two tremendous step-children (ages 24 and 26) who have all added much to my life.  It is said that: "Children are the clothes of a man," and so my hope is that who and what they have become is partially a reflection of who I have been as a parent and step-parent, and who I am now as a caring friend first and a parent second. 

 My wife and children/step-children have been the most influential "forces" in my life, together they've shaped me in ways that I never imagined, even if I fought many of the changes along the way. They have made me not only a better psychologist, but a much more compassionate, patient, understanding, insightful--and hopefully a wiser, more humble, modest, open, and witty--human. As my son once said to me when he was 5-6 years old: "Yep, daddy... I made you who you are... I sure did!" And as I look back nearly 30 years... without a doubt, he was right! It is through these experiences that I became very "human" in my approach to life and those I serve.  

Am I the right therapist for you? A few (5) straightforward details to consider:

1. If you're looking for solid experience, well, I'm fairly ancient now (in my 60's) and have been around the block a few times--but I'm still active, strong, inquisitive, and energetic. There is a direct correlation between experience and better outcomes in therapy. I've been in the field for 40 years now, so I think this qualifies as seasoned!

2. If you're looking for someone who is active, inquisitive and engaged, then we should do well.  If you're looking for a "Stepford" therapist--someone to agree with you, mumble at times, nod, sit there quietly and only listen, and not challenge you--I'm not the therapist for you. 

At times I'll be active and directive by challenging you to meet your goals; other times I'll be on the sidelines listening carefully, and providing encouragement, support, and understanding. Ultimately though, our relationship will be highly collaborative--a "team" approach focused solely on your behalf. 

My approach is holistic and integrative--I look first at who you are as a whole, your needs and your concerns. My hope is to be as human as possible--approachable, understanding and compassionate, friendly, open, a bit witty at times, and emotionally accessible.

More straightforward reasons to consider

3. I absolutely love what I do. I really do enjoy listening to "other people's problems" and being able to add value to their lives.  Few professions are as interesting and fascinating as this one; the mind and human behavior are truly the last frontier (Alaska, the Arctic and Antarctica run a close second). 

4. I’m as real and authentic as they come. I'm less interested in technique than I am in having a genuine, empathetic, forthright and compassionate relationship. Therapy is primarily about the relationship. Technique, while important, is secondary. This does not mean I throw out the latest research and thought regarding my craft, it means that I use this material to inform, rather than dictate, my approach to therapy.

5. I’m a research and neurosciences nerd, but also stay current regarding the practice of psychotherapy. This means that your therapy is informed by the most up-to-date practices in psychotherapy, understanding psychotropic medications, and the mind-brain-social-body connection. Understanding you as a whole is important!

Finally, if we decide that I’m not the right psychotherapist or psychologist for you, I’ll help you find someone who’s a better fit, and whose work I respect and trust. 

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