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My very human credentials


Beyond the Psychologist label

 While it's easy to talk about one's professional background as a psychologist and couples counselor (40 years of experience), in reality my most important credentials and "seasonings" come from my experiences as a Dad,  Stepdad, Husband, and cancer survivor (Pancreatic). 

I'm married to Claire Saenz, Esq.,  and have a fantastic 34 year old son, an incredible 28 year old daughter, and two tremendous step-children (ages 27 and 29) who have all added much to my life.  It is said that: "Children are the clothes of a man," and so my hope is that who and what they have become is partially a reflection of who I have been as an individual, parent and step-parent, and who I am now as an engaged and  caring friend first, and a parent second. 

My wife and children/step-children have been the most influential "forces" in my life, together they've shaped me in ways that I never imagined, even if I fought many of the changes along the way. They have made me not only a better psychologist, but a much more compassionate, patient, understanding, insightful--and hopefully a wiser, more humble, modest, open, and witty human. As my son once said to me when he was 5-6 years old: "Yep, daddy... I made you who you are... I sure did!" 

And as I look back 35 years... without a doubt, he was right! It is through the experiences of parenting and  being a life-companion to Claire that I became very "human" in my approach to life and those I serve.  


In the Wexford/Cranberry area, there are many psychologists. Am I the right therapist for you?

1. If you're looking for a seasoned professional, someone with solid experience--I fit the bill with over 35 years of experience. But I'm still active, strong, inquisitive, and energetic. There is a direct correlation between experience and better outcomes in therapy.

2. If you're looking for someone who asks thoughtful and insightful questions, challenges you to meet your goals, and is active and direct, then we should do well.  If you're looking for a "Stepford" therapist--someone to agree with you, mumble at times, nod, sit quietly and only listen and not encourage you to step out and meet life--I might not be the best therapist for you. 

 Ultimately though, our relationship will be highly collaborative--a "team" approach focused solely on your behalf.  

 3. I absolutely love what I do. I really do enjoy listening to "other people's problems" and being able to add value to their lives.  Few professions are as interesting and fascinating as this one; the mind and human behavior are truly the last frontier (Alaska, the Arctic and Antarctica run a close second).  


More straightforward reasons to consider

4. I’m as real and authentic as they come. I'm less interested in technique than I am in having a genuine, empathetic, forthright and compassionate relationship. Therapy is primarily about the relationship. Technique, while important, is secondary. This does not mean I throw out the latest research and thought regarding my craft, it means that I use this material to inform, rather than dictate, my approach to therapy.

5. I’m a research and neurosciences nerd, but also stay current regarding the practice of psychotherapy. This means that your therapy is informed by the most up-to-date practices in psychotherapy, understanding psychotropic medications, and the mind-brain-social-body connection. Understanding you as a whole is important since my approach is holistic and integrative (a combination of approaches to healing and wellbeing).

My hope is to be as human as possible--approachable, understanding and compassionate, friendly, open, a bit witty at times, and emotionally accessible

Finally, if we decide that I’m not the right psychotherapist or psychologist for you, I’ll help you find someone who’s a better fit, and whose work I respect and trust. 

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