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Therapy Is a Journey

Most people seek therapy because they're stuck and are recycling unhealthy life patterns. And for others, therapy helps in  coping with a stressful issue, making a needed change, or simply to get a different perspective. Getting stuck, the constant recycling of unresolved issues, and  living out unhealthy patterns, can lead to depression, anxiety, anger, alcohol use, relationship issues, family conflicts, or deeper feelings of distress. Therapy can alleviate emotional and physical suffering, and help heal wounds that lead to long term distress. It is empowering, leads to personal growth, and opens up new life possibilities. 

Whether you focus on a defiant teenager, or deep-seated anxiety, depression, divorce support, grief and loss, family and couple's issues, anger, addictive behavior, or recent life stressors--real change will take emotional energy, time, and effort. Nonetheless, it may the best  work you will have accomplished in your lifetime, which is why  many see therapy as a journey of discovery, healing and transformation.

My hope is that you are looking for someone who is  very "human"--- warm and caring, down to earth,  easy to talk to, active and engaged, encouraging, and a bit witty. 

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Psychological Evaluations

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Don't just set up the 1st appointment and walk in--get to know who you are about to develop a trusting, open and honest relationship with.  I always invite a phone conversation so that you can ask questions and get a better sense whether or not we will work well together. After all, it's the relationship with your therapists that makes all the difference!

Meet Dr. Saenz

My very human credentials

While it's easy to talk about one's professional background as a psychologist, my real and most important credentials are those of being a Dad, Step-Dad and Husband. It is these "credentials" that make the greatest difference to me as a therapist and to my clients. 

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